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My Story

Behind the Words

My name is Samantha Greco. I am recent graduate of SUNY Buffalo State College as a double major in Television and Film Arts and Writing. The Television and Film Arts program is highly competitive, selecting only 15 students per year. I entered SUNY Buffalo State with a desire to write for television. Since then, my passion for storytelling has only grown, particularly for underrepresented groups who rarely see themselves on screen. I have learned a great deal about life from watching my favorite characters experience countless failures and triumphs. I firmly believe that character is an essential part of any story. If the audience cannot connect, they are unlikely to become invested. The characters should always be grounded with relatable themes, no matter the script's far-reaching plot or fantastical world.


I have worked on multiple projects, both in and out of school. My biggest achievements are completing my thesis film, The Bereaved, and my selection as Head Writer for a television pilot, Inhuman Resources, where I was able to operate my own writers' room. My film, The Bereaved, was selected by seven different film festivals and won the TFA Pioneer Awards for Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

My primary work is in scriptwriting, script coverage and leadership roles on set such as Executive Producer or Assistant Director. I specialize in drama, but I have experience writing in comedy, sci-fi/fantasy and horror. 

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